URGENT!!! Change of plans regarding exam waivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EVERY student will take the final exam during their FIRST AMSTUD exam period. (That means tomorrow for 0/1 and 2/3). ALL students — regardless of waiver — will complete both the Multiple Choice section AND the essay section. All information covered in American Studies this year is FAIR GAME. (Yes, that means everything — art, literature, movies, history, everything. If it was mentioned in class, it is fair game.)

IF you are eligible for the waiver, options will be explained, but EVERYONE will take the exam. Plan on it taking the FULL two hours. Make sure you bring a blue or black ink pen and a #2 pencil.

AMSTUD Survey… PLUS info for Robinson Middle alumni… PLUS link to order your AMSTUD short story anthology!

Here are the links for the AMSTUD survey for you and your parents.  If you could have them complete by the end of the week, that would be great:

Student Survey


Parent Survey



Robinson PACE teacher Mrs. Cummings is leaving for Frisco ISD at the end of this year.  Mrs. Houchin and Mrs. Gassiott at Robinson are making a scrapbook with messages from her kids.  The kids can write as little or as much as they want.  If you’d like, you can contribute to the book as well.  You can email any messages to Mrs. Houchin (corey.houchin@pisd.edu) or Mrs. Gassiott (kayla.gassiott@pisd.edu). They will print out the messages  and paste them in the book.  If you prefer to write a handwritten note, you can drop those off at Robinson.  This is a SURPRISE!  So if you are dropping off handwritten messages, they should be addressed to Mrs. Houchin so they don’t fall into Mrs. Cummings’s hands early.  And if you come by to visit, mum’s the word.  The deadline for submissions will be next Wed. so they can be put into a book by the end of the year.


You can order one from Amazon here!


I’m sure you don’t want yours anymore, so bring yours to turn in for good either tomorrow (Friday) or Monday. You cannot WAIVE the final exam if you have not returned our textbooks!!!


On Monday we will have an end of the year party/ goodbye party for Mr. Oyster-Sands. Bring food, drink, etc.!

Have a wonderful evening! We’ll see you tomorrow!!!
~Hodum & Oyster-Sands



Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be your FINAL in class work day for the College Project.  Bring necessary technology to complete the task.  If you work hard you should be able to finish everything and just have to print before it’s all due on FRIDAY.


Hodum & Oyster-Sands


Short story permission forms

So, I don’t know if I made this clear, but EVERYONE needs to turn one in, REGARDLESS. I need them so we can publish these stories. SO, I am extending the deadline until Friday. Please turn in your short story permission form to either Mr. Oyster-Sands tomorrow or Mrs. Rosenfield Friday. Published story permission sheet

Friday is Mr. Oyster-Sands’s birthday, but he won’t be here. I think you should celebrate him tomorrow!!!

Have a good night!
~Hodum & Oyster-Sands

OMG Homework!!!! What’s that?!?!

For tomorrow, read TWO of the four articles and be prepared to discuss them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

College’s Priceless Value

In College Nurturing Matters

Our Crazy College Crossroads

What Are You Going to Do With That

And, if you didn’t last night, you need to bring this signed by your parent TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! Published story permission sheet

Have a good night!
~Hodum & Oyster-Sands

You did it! Now just to get through that pesky AP LANG exam Wednesday…

If you need to feel better about yourself, check out #apush on twitter. Apparently the APUSH exam was THEWORSTEVRRRROMGOMG except for those of you I’ve talked to today.

Now, this weekend, you all have my permission to binge watch Friends on Netflix, sleep until 2pm, and NOT study. We’ll talk about AP Lang stuff Monday and Tuesday and remember there’s really not anything to STUDY for the exam since it’s skills based rather than the content-based APUSH exam.

Also, just FYI: the next Gov club meeting will be scheduled for Wednesday May 13th. The meeting will be held in Mr. evarts room from 4:20-5:00 Talk to Hassan in 2/3 if you have any questions.

If you haven’t picked up your AMSTUD shirt, you can get it during your class period on Monday. No worries!!! We are going to wear them on Wednesday when we take the AP Lang exam.

I think that’s all. Enjoy the weekend!!! And you ARE WELCOME for the random cat memes.
~Hodum & Oyster-Sands

PS- Oyster-Sands will be back Monday. I know you might have forgotten what he looks like, so here you go:


Good luck! Not that you need it! I’m proud of you guys!

Get some sleep!!! It will all be over soon!!!! Don’t worry!!! You’re going to do great tomorrow!!!!!

Tshirt news: shirts are in!!!!!! We will all wear them proudly (and maybe slightly obnoxiously?) for the Lang exam on Wednesday!!!! You can pick up your shirt tomorrow during 5th or 6th period. I will be gone for lunch during 4th, just FYI!

As promised, here are some cute kitty and puppy memes to make you smile and feel good tonight:

Good luck guys!!!!
~Hodum & Oyster-Sands


Remember that the exam starts at 9am, be there or be square!

See yesterday’s post for the example STAAR test and the list of terms, etc. for the test

Here is a list of the Periods for APUSH if you want to take a look based on your APUSH test results from Friday: APUSH Periods

Here are a few APUSH websites that might be helpful:

Have a good night and good luck tomorrow!!!

~Hodum & Oyster-Sands