How to Create an Edublog

Student Instruction Guide

Below are the instructions your students need to follow to create their own blog and join the class blog:

1. Go to sign up page

2. Enter your details, your blog details and then click Start blogging

** REMEMBER — you may NOT USE your name or PWSH in your username, blog title, or url!!!

edublogs signup

3.  On the next page your login details are displayed.

edublogs signup 2

4.  When you click on Login into your new blog you’re taken to your blog dashboard.

  • Make sure you write down your password if you use our no email option otherwise you won’t be able to reset it.

5.  Log into your blog dashboard and go to My Class > Join Class.

6.  Search for your class blog. — amstud2013

7.  Click on Send a request to join.

Create your first post!!

If you need help, or want some suggestions on ways to update your blog, look at the Edublogs User Guide. As soon as we “approve” you, you will be updated to a pro account and will have many options for personalization!

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